Preparing a Will is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your loved ones are taken care of and your property is divided in accordance with your wishes. For many people, even discussing a Will can be an uncomfortable subject. At Cameron Law we strive to make sure all of our clients understand the Will and estate process and feel comfortable making these decisions.

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Do I need a will?

Yes.  Everyone should have a Will, especially if you:

  • Have children
  • Own a house or condo or other form of real estate
  • You are separated or divorced or are part of a blended family or in a common law relationship
  • You have no immediate family
  • You have a large estate
  • You are a business owner or professional
Why should I hire a lawyer to draft my Will?

Drafting and executing a Will has many legal implications.  Starting with validity, a lawyer will help ensure your Will is properly drafted and complies with the applicable provincial laws.  A lawyer can also help guide you in preparing a Will that will reduce estate taxes by distributing assets prior to death and establishing testamentary trusts.  Your lawyer will guide you through discussions about who the potential beneficiaries will be under your Will and they will ensure your property and assets are allocated to the individuals or organizations of your choosing.

Why should I have an Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive?

Preparing an Enduring Power of Attorney will ensure you have appointed someone to act on your behalf to handle your financial matters in the event of incapacity before death.  Preparing a Personal Directive will ensure you have appointed someone to act on your behalf to handle your health care and personal decisions in the event of incapacity before death.  It will also allow you to give specific instructions regarding “End of Life” decisions.

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Still have questions?

Do you still have questions about Wills and Estate matters? Download our Wills & Estates 101 Guide for more information and answers to those pressing questions.